On this page you will find guidelines regarding the licensing process for hydrogen fuelling stations.

Hydrogen fuelling stations are an important element for the success of the energy transition in the transport sector. With the publication of the 50 fuelling stations programme on 20 June 2012, the starting signal was given for the further roll-out of hydrogen infrastructure from the current 15 to 50 fuelling stations by 2015 in Germany. This number enables a supply which is tailored to meet the market needs of the announced 5,000 fuel cell vehicles by that date.

The licensing process for hydrogen fuelling stations is a new challenge for many applicants and administrations. This guideline gathers together the experiences of approval procedures so far. The website provides support so that you can find the right contacts, go through the approval process smoothly and efficiently, as well as general information on hydrogen technology.

The guideline

Please note that although the participation of applicants and licensing authorities is bilateral,
it is the applicant who is responsible for the process.

Responsibility comprises:

  • The initiation of the licensing procedure
  • Progression of the licensing procedure
  • Completion of the licensing procedure


Download Brochure H2-Genehmigungsleitfaden (PDF in German only,1.3MB)